Into the Woods. . .

In the play Into the Woods, I feel that the woods are the adversities and challenges of life. It relates well to our own trials in this life. The woods are large and daunting. They are dark and scary. The outcome is unsure. You may die in the woods, you may not. Who knows? Cinderella goes to the festival, after which, she goes into the woods where she’s caught in the dilemma of choosing between love and revealing her true identity to the prince. The Baker and his wife wish for a child then must go into the woods or through the trial of gathering the needed things for the old witch. When the Baker first starts out into the woods he is nervous and unsure whether or not he can obtain the needed objects. The same daunting feeling comes over them as they lose things they’ve obtained, but they rejoice as they finally have the required items having worked through their adversity. Jack must sell his “friend” the cow, which happens in the woods. And Little Red Riding Hood faces an obstacle in the woods on the way to Grandmother’s house.

We have our own trials in this life. We lose loved one’s, as did Jack. We have decisions to make: which major/degree, which career, and whom to marry? Just as Cinderella faced decisions in the woods of her life. Finally like the Baker and his wife, we all have obstacles to overcome to reach a desired goal. Maybe it’s not having a child, maybe it is. Maybe it’s working for a promotion at work, or doing the necessary work for a desired grade in a course. Whatever it is, it’s different for everyone. Yet we all have them. We learn from the play, however, that if we work at it, we can overcome our supposed obstacles, and come out on top of things.


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