“Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.”

"Wishes may bring problems such that you regret them. Better that, though, than to never get them." As I thought about what this means, I thought first of the characters in the play. All wished for something, obtained it, and were still left wanting. They could not be content with what they had achieved or gained rather their desires just changed shape. It’s not a bad thing to have worthy goals. It’s what makes us as a human species continue progressing. It’s desires for knowledge that have helped us develop new technologies to explore our universe. However, sometimes what we wish for is not the best thing for us.

I would like to speak of my cousin. Cousin met someone she loved, obtained approval from her parents and was married. Both she and her husband were young, but they followed the appropriate steps according to family customs. After being married they saw everyone around them getting all of the things they wanted. A new home, and all the latest toys. It became a game of "keeping up with the Jones’." They became heavily indebted in their quest to obtain their wishes. But, they ended up with a new home, and all the toys. Eventually the stresses of debt, and not being able to pay it off overcame them. They lost their home, and the toys, and their relationship suffered because of the strain put upon it. Yet neither Cousin, nor her husband have learned to go without those things. They continue to indulge in their desires at the expense of themselves and their children.

It is good to have goals. Goals help you grow, they bring a sense of accomplishment when achieved. But sometimes our goals or our wishes are misaligned. It is better to sacrifice in obtaining goals so that when you achieve your desire there is a sense of worth and value. It is better to pass-up the wishes that are not right, and focus on those which are right. If only the Baker’s Wife would’ve passed by her temptation, yet another obstacle, in the woods. She might have returned to her husband, and valued their relationship more fully. Instead of being filled with the regret that comes with wrong decisions.


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