Calamity of Calamities!

Calamity of calamities! O the vainness and the frailties and the foolishness of men! The hope and faith I had once placed in the American people has vanished. It was severely misplaced. I had hoped that we could recognize the good and the bad, the moral standards and the deceit, the integrity and the fragility of the candidates. Measure it, and choose the best one. Granted, the popular vote came in favor of Romney. I just can’t believe we are stuck with four more years of Obama. Disappointment and grief are all I can feel with the outcome of this election.

I had hoped that Americans would stand up for the right (no pun intended), to reclaim their autonomy and independence from the federal government, but it would seem that too many people prefer welfare over prudence.

I had hoped that we could shed the feelings of entitlement and place value on personal integrity and work. That what a man does and how he does it should be the decisive factor in his life, rather than his lack of doing, and lack of contribution to the betterment of society be rewarded with government handouts.

I consider more and more the idea popular in the Renaissance that man has the ability to improve himself, to move up the "Chain of Being" to become like God: intellectual, and powerful, etc. or to move down the chain and degrade himself to be as the animals: dumb and prodded by the herdsman. It’s sad to see that many have chosen and many will continue to choose to inch their way down that ladder.

Everyone hassled Romney about his comment regarding the 47%, but apparently his comment was slightly underestimated, as the percentage who feel the way he described was high enough to continue our downward spiral, on the slippery path to further financial and ultimately national ruin.

A world reminiscent of "Atlas Shrugged" here we come. The educated and driven people will move on or give up, and then who will fund the Democrats handouts?! A system built upon a minor percentage paying into it with the majority getting paid from those funds will never last. When it comes to that, those who are able will leave, those who must stay will capitulate to said system and request the same handouts everyone else is receiving. I recently read in the New York Times about fraudulent hoarding of monies and properties by the government in China. The same thing will happen here, the elite will line their pockets while redistributing everyone else’s hard earned wealth. Eventually you will have a huge rift between the lower-class (almost everyone in the country) and the few upper-class (government officials) while successfully eliminating the middle-class entirely. The future does not bode well for us now.


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