“It wasn’t me, it was the one armed man.” Or, “Don’t cut my budget, cut someone else’s.”

Our country is not yet past repair. It is just that no one is willing to make the necessary changes.No one wants their own budget to be cut. So they push the issue onto someone else. There seems to be a lack of personal responsibility.

I’ve been taught my whole life to, “live within my means.” The government should at least be attempting to do that as well. There is no way that raising the taxes on select few will generate enough revenue to bring us out of debt when the national spending remains at the same rate. There needs to be cuts.

Also, the citizens of this country need to recognize that the government has no money. Or rather, this government is “by the people.” When you accept money from “the government” it’s actually money from your neighbors. When you become a permanent fixture on government support programs you are becoming a leech on those around you. The government only has as much money and power as we, the people, give to them.


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