Kacang Lupa Kulitnya

There’s a Malay phrase, “kacang lupa kulitnya”. It translates to a nut that forgets it’s shell. It’s used to describe people that because a change in life events, change who they are. They literally forget from where they came. They could have been the nicest person, then became famous, and ┬ácompletely change the way they treat others. They could have been the most generous person, then for one reason or another became a stingy miser.

It is important to remember your potential. A life without goals and a vision of who you could become really isn’t worth living. However, it’s also important to remember how you got to where you are now. To remember where you’ve been. Some people think their life is their own to throw away, that their actions affect only themselves. They are willing to do anything that helps their “perfect image” or satisfies their own desires. It’s a very I’m-the-center-of-the-Universe attitude. They fail to remember the sacrifices their predecessors made to help them enjoy their position in life.

It’s a little like our current government. It was once built on ideals that allowed every person certain inalienable rights. It was fashioned in a way that would allow the people to govern themselves. For the first time in a long time, it provided a way for the people to be free from oppression and overbearing rules.

Where are we today? What started out as a righteous desire to be the representative of the people has become tainted. It seems every elected official has his or her own agenda. They seem to forget that their power was only granted to them by the people. It is not theirs. They are merely stewards over their respective positions.

Unfortunately, because this has gone on for some time, the people have become in essence powerless before the government. We have slowly given up our power to the law. Little by little, time and time again it’s stripped from us. With every court decision precedence is set, determined for all others who call themselves citizens of this country. I recently watched The Majestic starring Jim Carrey. Near the end of the film, Carrey stands before the court, and boldly declares his First Amendment rights. He finishes, and simply walks out of the room. He becomes a hero to the people, and the court doesn’t want to make him a martyr by imprisoning him. However, were something like that to occur today, the judge would quickly rule you in contempt of court before you could finish and toss you away into the lock-up. Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution declare our rights, but where are they really?Image