The Christmas Mouse

Spent all morning Christmas Eve Day looking for a copy of this online, and couldn’t find it. So, on the off-chance that there is someone else in the world looking for this poem: here it is.

The Christmas Mouse
Original author unknown, as told by Daniel Fenton Pendleton

Once when it was Christmas,
a silly little mouse tried to stay awake to see Santa in his house.
He tried to sit up tall in bed and piled his pillows high,
And watch the stars like Christmas lights strung across the sky.
He listened for the sound of bells, and thought he heard them near,
And that he heard them go away and cried, “Oh dear! Oh dear!”
“Santa’s gone right past my house and didn’t even stop.”
He thought his little heart would break.
He spilled two tears. . . plip. . . plop.
He woke up in the morning and his heart was filled with glee.
There were Christmas toys galore under the Christmas tree.
He danced around his little tree and drummed his little drum.
“Oh Joy!” he cried, “How can it be?”
“Santa Claus did come.”
“Did he know I was awake . . . hear my eyelids blink?”
“Did he hear my whiskers twitch?”
“Did he laugh and wink?”
“Did he go clear around the world and come back to my house
after I was sound asleep?”
“For me? A little mouse?”


One thought on “The Christmas Mouse

  1. S Abraham

    I recited this poem (a slight variation of it) in 1957 when I was in first grade. It was in a book that I think was called The Santa Claus Book. The book was blue with Santa on the cover. I’ve been looking for this poem for years! Thank you for posting it.

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