The Path of Life

 There is a trail that leads from my home to a beautiful river gorge. There are sections of the path that are flat and sandy with seemingly inconsequential stones strewn about. Others are steep with a variety of stone along the way. Some ways up the incline are easier than others, but no matter the route one still arrives at the top. Some pebbles are easily crushed under the heel, others are stepping stones and stumbling blocks depending on how you tread. If you are aware you arrive safely at the destination and all of the pebbles and boulders along the way no matter their size served to help you reach the end. 
So it is with life. Some experiences are seemingly inconsequential. Some parts of life move smoothly. Some require a little more effort as we ascend the proverbial hills. Sometimes we have trials or boulders in the path of life. The rock can serve as a stepping stone to help us move along the way or a stumbling block depending on how we tread. But in the end, when we have reached our destination we can look back on the path and realize that each part of life, each experience, each trial, served to help us arrive.  

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