It’s All or Nothing.

Last weekend I spent several hours watching a T.V. show on National Geographic called Polygamy, USA. It caught my attention because it’s actually filmed near where I live. As I watched it though, I began to think about these people’s legal situation. I’m no lawyer, but the law intrigues me. Lately the push has been to overthrow conservative principles upon which the United States was founded in order to allow homosexual couples to be “married.” But in actuality, I would think that we can either accept one form of “marriage” or all. There is no cafeteria style selection to these types of things. If the overthrow of Utah’s “marriage is between one man and one woman” is upheld, it not only legalizes homosexual “marriage”, but all forms of “marriage.” Right? What effect will this prove to have on these polygamist families? Many are currently eligible for federal aide because the only taxable option for any wife besides the first is single parent. What happens when they must be listed as married? It’s possible they could lose much of their government assistance. If homosexual “marriage” is indeed legalized, and the government still does not recognize plural marriages. . . well then, what kind of “marriage” equality is that?


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